Save on fuel costs this year by investing in a wood-burning stove. These compact and freestanding heating stoves are perfect for any living space and provide more than enough warmth.

Not sure where to begin? Best Fire Hearth & Patio offers a wide selection of wood-burning stoves at our Albany, New York, showroom for you to browse and learn more about. With the information we can provide about each of our products, you can feel at ease that you’ve made the best decision.

Come to our showroom today to view options from brands such as HearthStone, Quadra-Fire, Stúv, Harman — and more!

In addition to the fuel cost savings, wood-burning stoves can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Additionally, wood-burning stoves are perfect for zone-heating to eliminate cold spots in your living space.

There’s not much that’s worse than cold spots in your home and feeling like money has been tossed out the window trying to heat your home.

And when it comes to installing your new wood-burning stove, our staff has your best interests in mind. Best Fire has staff of NFI-certified hearth specialists who work on the design, installation, and service aspects of every wood-burning stove project.

These certified specialists have the knowledge and skill to keep the project running smoothly while giving you peace of mind each step of the way.

Best Fire has more than 40 years of experience in the local hearth industry, our services are second-to-none and dependable.

To learn more about your wood-burning stove options, or to begin your next home project, visit us today!

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