Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Boost the flavor of your pizza with an outdoor pizza oven, a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen space.

Infuse the unique, sweet, and bitter flavors only wood-fired ovens can offer.

At Best Fire Hearth & Patio, we offer a selection of pizza ovens from top brands such as Fontana Forni.

A pizza oven can cook your pizza quickly and evenly thanks to its ability to attain higher temperatures (around 500 degrees to 700 degrees Fahrenheit) than with a typical home oven.

In addition to saving time, you’ll save money on energy costs when using wood as a heating source versus gas or electric.

Think pizza ovens are only for pizza? These wood-fired ovens can be used for other cooking purposes such as roasting meats, vegetables, or baking bread.

The shorter cooking process can also preserve nutrients and antioxidants in vegetables and fruits, adding nutritional value while infusing that smokey flavor every barbecue-enthusiast loves.

Stop by our showroom in Albany, New York, to find pizza oven options for your outdoor kitchen space.

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