Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by Fontana Forni

It’s no secret that Italy has a long, rich history of exquisite cuisine, and an inspiring culture to match.

Now you can bring a genuine part of Italian cuisine and culture right to your own home. Thanks to these Italian-made outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens from Fontana Forni — available as single-chamber and dual-chamber models in a variety of sizes — you can take your pizza-making skills to the next level with these luxurious pizza ovens.

Every Fontana outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is handmade by Italian craftsmen of the most durable cast-iron, steel, and stainless-steel construction, so it doesn’t just make amazing pizza; it’s also sure to outlast the test of time.

And the good eating doesn’t stop at pizza when it comes to our line of high-quality wood-burning ovens. With a Fontana oven, you can also cook roasted meats, breads, casseroles, even vegetables right in your own backyard by way of natural firewood.

Another great feature of Fontana Forni pizza ovens is that they are a lot easier to set up at home than most would think — installation requirements are usually minimal, because we understand our customers also want convenience, not unnecessary hassle.

If there’s one thing we love more than pizza here in America, it’s coming together for a backyard BBQ filled with great food, good friends, and plenty of sunshine. You have memories that live on as proof of that. We all do. And those are the types of memories Best Fire and Fontana are proud to help create.

That’s what our customers want, and that’s what Best Fire wants to offer.

We’re here to make your backyard BBQ dreams come true. So, come on down to our Albany or Brunswick showroom and check out Fontana’s line of wood-fired ovens and grills. It’ll be a choice you never forget.

3 Models Available — All Sizes Available in Red, Anthracite (Grey) & Stainless]

Margherita Pizza Oven

External Dimensions on cart 34″d x 31″w x 77″h (w/out cart 45″h) / Fire Chamber 24″d x 24″w x 14″h

Mangiafuoco Wood Oven

External Dimensions on cart 34″d x 39″w x 77″h (w/out cart 45″h) / Fire Chamber 24″d x 32″w x 14″h

Marinara Pizza Oven

External Dimensions on cart 42″d x 39″w x 77″h (w/out cart 45″h) / Fire Chamber 32″d x 32″w x 16″h

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

These Italian-made outdoor pizza ovens are by Fontana Forni are available on a cart for portability or without a cart for counter-top installations. They are single-chamber wood-fired pizza ovens made from some of the highest-quality materials and available in a variety of options.

Offered in 3 Sizes: Margherita, Mangiafuoco & Marinara

Offered in 3 Colors: Red, Anthracite (Grey) & Stainless Steel

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