Gas heating stoves are a perfect, decorative addition to your living space.

They can be installed in places that traditional wood-burning stoves cannot and offer a more efficient heating system.

Plus, gas stoves come in a variety of styles to match your home aesthetic.

At Best Fire Hearth & Patio, we offer a large selection of gas stoves from top brands such as Heat & Glo, HearthStone, and Vermont Castings. Choose from traditional and contemporary styles in cast iron or steel finishes to compliment your living space.

Gas heating stoves are clean-burning and have closed-combustion systems allowing it to heat your home more efficiently than wood-burning heating options.

And with temperature control, you will be able to heat your home quickly and adjust the temperature throughout the day.

All of our gas heating stoves are direct-vent appliances. Ventless, also called vent-free, gas stoves may be the economical option, but can affect air quality by circulating residual byproducts into your home.

Direct-vent gas stoves have completely sealed venting systems and exhaust harmful combustion gases outside of the home.

Visit our showroom in Albany, New York, to find the right gas stove option to match your style.

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