Stûv 30 Compact Wood-Burning Stove

EPA Phase II Certified

The EPA standard in a few words

It is a stringent standard in effect in several North American states and provinces which aims to reduce fine particle emissions from wood combustion. Slow combustion can release up to 80 grams/hour of particles into the air, which affects air quality. The EPA standard allows particle emissions lower than 7.5 grams/hour. The Stûv 30-compact releases as little as 2.75 grams/hour of particles.

Amazing performance

With its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact maintains a temperature that enables clean combustion.

Air for combustion

Because houses today are more airtight, the Stûv 30-compact is designed to draw the combustion air from outside.

Glass-door, open-door and closed-door: 3 in 1!

To change the mode of operation, simply bring the corresponding door to the front of the stove. Rotating the drum is easy and only takes a few seconds.

A 360° view

An integrated turning plate allows the stove to be turned in order to direct the heat in the desired direction. The design allows a 360° rotation. The installer can limit the angle of rotation to 90°, 180° or 270°, as required.

Combustion air from outside

The Stûv 30-compact is designed to draw the combustion air from outside; in this way, the stove does not use indoor air.

If you are unable to connect the external air intake underneath the unit, a rear external air intake kit is also available.


The Stûv 30-compact
Weight of the unit 114 kg | 251 Lb
Maximum power 31000 BTU
Wood consumption 0,8 – 2,5 kg/h
Particle emissions* 2,75 kg/h
Length of logs in vertical position 40 cm | 16″
Length of logs in horizontal position 25 cm | 10″
Air intake (min.) Ø63 mm | Ø2.5″
Modes of operation 3 : glass | open | closed
Barbecue kit Option
Turning plate Standard
Top smoke outlet Standard
Back smoke outlet N/A
Airtight outdoor air intake Standard
North american standards EPA Phase II | UL-1482-97 | ULC-S627-00
Chimney diameter & type Ø6″ | UL-103HT | ULC-S629

The optimal stove

Because of its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact is perfectly suited to the smaller and very well insulated homes of today. Most of the stoves found on the market are too big. Consequently, these stoves are too powerful and are not used efficiently: because they burn slowly, their performance decreases and their combustion is not as clean.

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