Stûv 30 Wood-Burning Stove

The revolutionary Stûv 30 has three rotating doors – glass-door, open-door or closed-door to suit your mood.

The Stûv 30 was the first stove in the series to integrate the system with three rotating doors giving you three appliances in one!  To change the mode of operation, simply bring the corresponding door to the front of the stove. Rotating the drum is easy and only takes a few seconds.

  • Glass Door Mode – Enjoy watching the flames safely and with excellent efficiency.
  • Closed Door Mode -The solid door allows the wood to burn securely.
  • Open Door Mode – Hear the crackling logs, enjoy the pleasant smell of burning wood and even have a barbecue!

Freestanding Fireplace and Stove In One!

Clean lines and subtle curves which provide a full view of the fire. Three modes of operation for maximum efficiency. A turning plate allows you to change the direction of the stove in the room.

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