Primo All In One Series Ceramic Grills

Available in XL400, LG300, JR200, Kamado Round

Everything you need to get started all in ONE box

Each model includes:
> Fully Assembled Grill
> Cradle with Locking Casters
> Fold-Down Side Tables
> Ash Tool
> Grate Lifter

Product Description

The Primo All-In-One Series was developed with convenience in mind. The vision behind the product was to offer a selection of grills that are ready to grill out of the box after a few minutes of easy setup and assembly. This series also offers a cost effective avenue for Primo customers to get a bigger “bang for their buck” without breaking the bank. All four models are the same great ceramic grills we offer as stand-alone product with added accessories to provide a ready-to-grill experience out of the box. A Primo All-In-One Grill can be assembled in minutes and ready to cook. Once assembled just add whole lump charcoal, light and grill your favorite food.


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Product Inquiry

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